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       A&P 2005 is the first large and solo production from Manatee Productions. It is the A&P Academy Award winning mockumentary  chronicling the adventures and stories of the Piedmont MAI A&P class of 2005 (of which I was a part). 

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From the back cover:

A&P School...what is it? Who are these "people in blue"? What do they do? How often do they floss? These are the questions that so many people at Piedmont Baptist College wonder; and they will finally be answered in this mockumentary.

Be prepared to find out more than you ever wanted to know about the class of 2005. With Wes's Vietnam stories, Jeff with a grenade, and Steve....well, just being Steve, you will laugh while being informed at the same time.

A&P school will finally be revealed!

Running time: 2 Hrs. 20 min.

Rated: "M" for mechanic humor and mechanic violence

This film is not Piedmont approved :)


Also watch the video made for the new hangar built at MAI:


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